Heat, hearsay and hair loss

With one last festival to partake in in Kanpur involving colourful powdered paint, it was time for my second visit to Kolkata.


I arrived at the beginning of April, and spent the next 2 months living in a sauna, sweating constantly, as temperatures soared into the 40s, and cafes started discounting cold drinks proportional to this increase. I read reports of hail, ice and rain back home, with the sound of air conditioning units growling beside me as I tried to work or sleep (not so easy)… A lizard crawled into one once and electrocuted himself, we found out from the smell the next day…

Walking through this humble city, with its tumble down old colonial charm, the sun bleached damp stained walls, balconies and shutters looked as if they themselves were perspiring, droplets of moisture rolling down their sides. The streets were filled with bobbing umbrellas protecting their owners from the sun’s power beneath a canopy of lush green trees peering out between the buildings.

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