The cry of the peacock


The designer of the IIT Kanpur campus has created a magical place. Very different from being at a university in the city, surrounded by a bustling metro environment fighting over every inch of space, it has a village feel, peaceful and surrounded my nature. My friend described it as living in a zoo, and I can’t help but agree with her as I lie in bed listening to the peacocks crying out in the night, or the early morning air filled with gossiping birds and the flapping of wings. The former of these great creatures strut past my balcony on a regular basis (and sometimes try to flirt – see photo), kestrels perch in nearby branches, flocks of pearly white egrets pass overhead and monkeys swing into view, sending me scampering back inside to save my breakfast. And on special occasions we are treated with the presence of the “mystical cow”, otherwise known as the Nilgai (asian antelope).

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