My home from home


I arrived back at the IIT in Kanpur at the beginning of February, to find that the temperature had dropped dramatically, giving me more use for the winter boots and thermals acquired in the mountains! None of the buildings have heating (since the cold period is pretty short) so I began wearing a fleece in bed at night.

This was my 3rd time making the 3hr journey between Lucknow and Kanpur, and I realised I’m already so accustomed to the sights that I no longer spent the entire journey with my eyes glued to the window.

It felt nice to be back and to be looking forward to seeing people, making me realise I’d made some really good friends here already.


There had been some developments in the grounds during the short time I was away, including putting solar panels on the roof of my accommodation resulting in hot water in our rooms. But I didn’t make much use of it, since I started hearing terrifying rumours regarding hair loss from both men AND WOMEN due to the water, so I have promptly stopped washing (my hair).

I also changed my room in order to escape the noise of the kitchen and the screaming children, and have been placed on the ground floor at the end of a new block, with a balcony facing outside to a small jungle behind the accommodation fence. It felt instantly infinitely nicer in the new place to sit outside and watch the birds and peacocks strut past and more like a real home. But I didn’t stay long this time and was almost reluctant to leave my new oasis when the time came to head back to the UK for my friends wedding, making a pitstop in Mumbai to visit friends and go to an indian music festival!… But it is about time because I needed to wash my hair!


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