Once upon a time you dressed so fine

Finally our 10 day holiday from the city was over and it was time to let the Indian Railways whisk us back to Kolkata on an overnight train – treated to a first class cabin this time, since I had to go straight into work on arrival.

Back in the office, my Professor urged me to stop working on the Ising model (a mathematical model of ferromagnetism) and start on those for earthquake dynamics in light of the recent occurrence we felt in Lataguri.

I also received a strange call from our hotel in Darjeeling saying that the central intelligence beauro had been to check if we’d stayed there! We are being followed…

Micha amused himself whilst I was at work by arranging to have a tailored suit made, and motivated by his success I joined him in city centre one evening to see if I could find an outfit for my friends wedding coming up back in the UK.

However my experience of perusing of the maze of shops selling all manner of brightly coloured clothes in no decipherable order was less than enjoyable, mostly due of the amount of unwanted help coming from every direction. At one point I was so bewildered I was in danger of accidentally spending £100 on a gold sparkly waistcoat!

The surrounding poverty and beggars outside didn’t help my appetite for spending money, eyes following you like you are dripping in gold.

Eventually we found a tailor who wasn’t crawling with people (probably not a good sign) and he calmly took my measurements to make a kurti, trousers and waistcoat outfit… let’s see how they turn out…


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