When your rooster crows at the break of dawn

Soon enough it was time to say goodbye to Micha and reduce our relationship to Facebook chat once more. It had been great having an ally to share the experience with, the amusement and confusion, to laugh with, and to vent at! It could be hard work at times, not knowing if it’s safe to drink the tea, or how much to pay things, to know if we are allowed to go into the national parks on foot, or whether it was possible to get private transport between certain places. Probably we should have read more (or at least something!)) but some things can only be learnt by experience.

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Once upon a time you dressed so fine

Finally our 10 day holiday from the city was over and it was time to let the Indian Railways whisk us back to Kolkata on an overnight train – treated to a first class cabin this time, since I had to go straight into work on arrival.

Back in the office, my Professor urged me to stop working on the Ising model (a mathematical model of ferromagnetism) and start on those for earthquake dynamics in light of the recent occurrence we felt in Lataguri.

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